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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

That Guy...Who Was in That Thing - Netflix Instant
Kathleen Madigan: Madigan Again - Netflix Instant
The Seven Year Itch - Netflix Instant
How to Marry a Millionaire- Netflix Instant
Do the Right Thing - Netflix Instant
Evil Dead 2: Dead Before Dawn - Netflix Instant
Escape from Planet Earth - Netflix Instant
Kevin Nealon: Whelmed, But Not Overly - Netflix Instant
Grave Encounters - Netflix Instant
Grave Encounters 2 - Netflix Instant
Steven Wright: When the Leaves Blow Away - Netflix Instant
Brother Bear 2 - Netflix Instant
Gravity 3D - theater
24: Redemption - Netflix Instant
Small Soldiers - Netflix Instant
Highlander II: Renegade Version - Netflix Instant
Anytown, U.S.A. - Netflix Instant
Room 237 - Netflix Instant
Real Injun - Netflix Instant
Smoke Signals - Netflix Instant
Martin & Lewis(2002) - Netflix Instant
Machete Kills - matinee
Movie 43 - Netflix Instant
Paranormal Activity 4: Unrated Edition - Netflix Instant
The Amityville Haunting (2011) - Netflix Instant
My Amityville Horror - Netflix Instant
Captain Phillips - matinee
Screwballs II: Loose Screws - Netflix Instant

Watched the two Amityville movies available on Netflix last night.

First, TAH, a "found footage" horror about a new family that moves into the Amityville house. Its the pre-teen son that obsessively carries his camera around, and even films the recordin' from a video phone he finds in the house. No sign of authorities until the third body turns up. Ya think they would have taken it as a bad sign with their own realtor dies on the front steps before they even buy the house...

Security cameras get installed after the third body, which leads to the fourth body, and then it makes you start to wonder what kind of father would install a camera in his teenage daughter's bedroom, facin' the bed? Not to mention the cameras still workin' despite a power outage...

I thought the two Grave Encounters movies were the worst "found footage" horror movies I'd ever see.

Followed that with the documentary MAH, which is simply Daniel Lutz talking about the month his family lived in the Amityville house back in the '70s.

I went out this afternoon for a cheap matinee showin' of Captain Phillips at the Carmike Six in Nacogdoches. It was a bit slow to start, but once it got goin', it was actually pretty good. And the endin' was certainly tense enough, despite knowin' the captain survived, since he wrote the book the movie was based upon.

Tom Hanks won't win any Oscars for this, but still worth watchin'.

And tonight is the 375th "new to me" movie of the year, Screwballs II: Loose Screws via Netflix Instant.

I saw the first movie as part of the Alamo Drafthouse "Summer of '83" series back in June, but this one has nothin' to do with that one, except its the same four stereotypical guy types (not the same characters) tryin' to get laid. As with the first, sexual innuendo & puns are scattered throughout the movie, as well as T & A. But, where the first was set in the '50s, givin' it a kind of na´ve innocence, this is set in the mid '80s, makin' it pretty tacky.
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