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Re: James Cawley returns to NV as Kirk!

I don't post very often on these boards, and my opinion doesn't matter much in the grand scheme of things, but I'd just like to say that I hope Mr Cawley does do this fan film.

Firstly, because it seems as though he wanted to and if he wanted to then he should, simple as, regardless of what a few negatively minded people on a forum say. The motivation for doing any fan project should be one's own desire to do it, and no higher motivation is needed.

Secondly, because he's earned it. I'm given to understand that he's spent many thousands of hours, and many thousands of dollars, to make something for fans to enjoy. As one of those fans, I can honestly say he's succeeded, at least in entertaining me, and I'm certain in entertaining others as well. I think if he wants to do one more episode as Kirk, he should, and frankly let the negative people be damned.

You've earned one more stint in the Captain's chair sir, and this fan at least would be more than happy to see it.
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