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Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 6

Last night's was pretty good actually - nice to see Bobby back in the fold. And here we were all worried the charter would fold! The crooked cops were a nice plot point, kinda showed how the MC could still be their usual bad brutal selves, but still dispensed some justice and actually had a glimmer of what the MC was before they basically had to play soldiers to defend themselves.

Plus it was nice to see some old faces again.

Although I am very curious to see what Sutter is going to pull out of his ass to screw with the boys. The episode ended with the MC actually in an alright position for once. Even if Tara is getting close being screwed blued and tattooed by that black chick.

"Time to get ghetto" LOL so she pulls of her wig and lets the dread fly. Uhm here I thought we were going to see her be a he/she like that other tranny LOL
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