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Re: Hard Time: Really as effective a punishment?

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I don't buy that giving somebody a simulation of incarceration is as much of a deterrent as real prison. Besides the fact that real prison causes you to miss years of your life and has a huge physical toll, aren't most prisoners aware that it's not real?

O'Brien didn't know how Agrathi punish people, so when he accidentally kills his cellmate after falsely accusing him of hiding food, it has a tremendous psychological effect. If you knew it was fake, you'd probably be like 'Oh, NO did I kill my fake cellmate? How terribly awful of me I feel SO bad!'
People know holodeck simulations are fake but we've seen several times where people are so immersed that it doesn't matter. They know that physically nothing is real, but emotionally it is and that overcomes the lack of it being reality.

And sociopaths wouldn't even feel bad about killing their cellmate, they'd come out thinking 'HA I get to go back to my regular life, some punishment.' Then they'd start committing crimes with total abandon thinking, worst case scenario, I get another fake prison experience and go right back to my life AGAIN.
That's assuming that they give everyone the same punishment. Maybe murderers get the death penalty or since they are great with mind altering they brainwash sociopaths into being "normal"/"good" like the Nebari do in Farscape.

And why don't they use this technology for people with terminal illnesses or very old people nearing death? Hey I have cancer, oh darn it, guess I'll have to spend 50 years in a paradise simulation.
Maybe they do. We got to see about 20 secs of them in the "real world" and it was in a lab or whatever. We have little idea of what their society is like apart from that for certain crimes you get sent to imaginary brain gaol.
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