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Re: NEMESIS: the good, and not so bad.

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Nemesis had some good parts but they are overshadowed by its mistakes.

TNG was an ensemble show and there were only a few minutes of the entire film where that ensemble feeling was there.
Agreed. And as said, certain deleted scenes do show more of that ensemble. It was there in the script, but was systematically hacked out of the final cut by Director Baird.

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Something that Into Darkness got right was showing the ship ready to go again after being repaired. We should have seen Riker take the Captain's chair on the Titan, we should have seen Picard and his new crew set forth into space again. Instead, they gave us the (hint, hint) that Worf is now the First Officer, and after the toast scene, we never saw Troi, Geordi, Worf or Crusher again. There's a lot of unforgivable fails in this movie, but that's a big one. The final sign off for those characters on screen should NOT have been in a scene like that.
Again I agree. And again, the original final scene fits this better, with the Enterprise's new first officer coming in and Picard setting a course "Where No One Has Gone Before". The movie then ends with a pull back from the bridge, and the Enterprise setting sail into the sunset. So much better than the depressing ending the actual movie's got.
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