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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

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[It takes little imagination to see how problematic it would be if Ilia's mother, full of super-pheromomes, stalked Kirk around the ship, like Lwaxana did to Picard.
LOL! I can almost picture that scene. Of course, Kirk wouldn't have stood a chance against those super-pheromones. Nor do I think that he'd really try...if he thought nobody was looking...Kirk would have went for it.

However, the question on this thread is: Say if Ilia...or another Delton female tried to seduce a gay male, such as Peter Kirk. Would Peter have gone for it? We just don't know. Sexuality is too complex...and I've heard of actual gay guys having sex with women and enjoying it. And there weren't those Deltan pheromones to enforce it. Different people have different reactions. I believe that a Deltan could alter someone like Peter Kirk's mood...but I don't know for sure that she could seduce him. Maybe...but then again...maybe not.
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