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Re: How have the newer novels affected the reading order?

I tried Avatar back in about 2002 but didn't really get into it, and hadn't really read any books apart from Harry Potter since then. Earlier this year I read the "A time to..." series, which took a long time, getting second hand books from amazon. The main reason was I wanted to know how Wesley had come back in Nemesis (and according to a deleted scene become an engineer)

After the disappointment of May 9th (ironic as it was our wedding anniversary), I realised the only way to get my trek fix would be to read the books.

So I moved onto Death in Winter, then Taking Wing, based on a few posts in this forum

Then Articles of the Federation, after a few chapters it mentioned something about the cliffhanger at the end of Taking wing.

I'd already bought Resistance, but it was at home, and I was 10,000 miles away stuck in Austrailia with a weekend and an ipad on my hands. I bought Tales of the Dominion war on the kindle app, then Red King, then decided to go back to the start, and then thanks to this forum, discovered

Battle of Betazed, A stitch in time, left hand of destiny, Avatar followed. I was keen to jump to Unity, but reading the timeline at the front I decided to back track to Mission Gamma #1, then realised I should read, cold fusion (the SCE e-book), gateways #4 and abyss, now 57% through on mission gamma #1.

So that's about a dozen books in the last 3 months. Being trapped alone in foreign countries a lot does have it's benefits.
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