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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

For those who are having a hard time figuring out how to assemble the folder, it's a bit confusing at first. I actually did it backwards at first, so here's what you do.

Cut off the moldings of the little pegs from each side of the binder. Then remove the pegs from the molding. They give you 4 extra pegs for the binder in case you break or lose any. Now then, here's where I screwed up the first time. But here's the correct way to do this. 1) Carefully unsnap the end caps off of the spine ends. This exposes the rear holes for where the pegs go. 2) Feed each peg into the holes from THAT side with the the little flared end of the peg away from the hole. It's kind of like a nail head. That head is used to hold the pegs in place. 3) Once you get all 16 pegs into each spine end, snap the cover back into place to hold the pegs. But once you try to fit the magazines into them, you will most probably have to leave one end cap undone to be able to pull the peg out enough to fit the mag in properly. It was hard enough trying to get these 2 mags in side by side. I can't imagine how tight it will be once we get 16 in there.
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