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The Narada is the branching point. So everything thereafter will be different. But consider the series Enterprise that would be a common history for both timelines. Important events in Enterprise spin out from the "Temporal Cold War", where the mysterious players are from further into the future than the TOS / TNG eras. How could those events in Enterprise be the same if the Temporal Cold War futures of Prime Trek and nuTrek are different?

Not being argumentative or anything; I'm just throwing out a thought for discussion.
It was never conclusively established that Daniels's future was the same one we saw in TOS through VGR. It had a lot in common with it, but we never really got proof. Heck, we know that the timeline created by the events of ENT was different from Daniels's original timeline. Yet the intention of ENT's producers was to show the events that led to the creation of the Prime history we know, as season 4 in particular makes rather clear. So Daniels may have come from a very similar timeline to the one we know, but not the exact same one.

And really, it stands to reason that a temporal war would involve factions not only from different times, but from different timelines. After all, it's not like there are only the two. Different factions could've been fighting for the survival or dominance of their own timelines at the expense of others.
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