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This begins to address a question I've had, or better yet, I haven't understood. I'm not a fan of the alternate timeline, so I'm ignorant of the 'reality' of it. I thought that since the timeline separated, this new timeline could do whatever it wanted to with events and people, irrespective of established 'history'. Which is why (among other things) I didn't understand the necessity to explain the differences between the Khan appearing in Space Seed/Wrath of Khan, and the Khan appearing in STID.
The altered timeline was created by Nero's ship, the Narada, traveling back to March 2233 and attacking the USS Kelvin. That began a new, altered sequence of events, so a new timeline branched off from the original at that moment. Anything that comes afterward is subject to change. But that didn't alter anything that happened before March 2233. Everything prior to that date is supposed to be the same.

Here's IDW's own chart showing how the one timeline branches into two:

Basically it's a Y shape, a fork in the road. Go back before 2233 and there's only the one timeline (well, there are plenty of other parallel ones, but they're not relevant for our purposes).
But one (admittedly fannish) thing I started wondering about since nuTrek premiered has been this:

The Narada is the branching point. So everything thereafter will be different. But consider the series Enterprise that would be a common history for both timelines. Important events in Enterprise spin out from the "Temporal Cold War", where the mysterious players are from further into the future than the TOS / TNG eras. How could those events in Enterprise be the same if the Temporal Cold War futures of Prime Trek and nuTrek are different?

Not being argumentative or anything; I'm just throwing out a thought for discussion.
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