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It was probably part of Klaa's punishment for screwing up in ST V.
I always thought that Klaa volenteered to serve as Kirk's translator. He knew Kirk as a man of honor, and they had earned each others respect by the end of the Sha Ka Re informal "conference".
Yeah he got demoted after just randomly deciding to take his ship and attack a Federation ship risking war because he's bored. I don't think even Klingon commanders have -that- much latitude.
They have, but if they decide to make a mess they must succeed. Kruge did exactly the same thing Klaa tried but he kicked the galaxy in the nuts big time: in just one mission he blew up his informant's ship, his spy-lover, the Grissom, the Enterprise, a fucking planet, killed even his crew. A True Klingon hero. If Klingons had tear ducts I bet the Ambassador's eyes would have been moist when he demanded the extradiction of Kirk, JUSTICE!! while narrating Kruge's adventures. Kang and Kor never came close to so bold.

Klaa had a hotter first officer though. Maybe that's why he was calmer. Cost him.

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