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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Nice video interview with Uzo Aduba.

Are you dying for a season 2 spoiler?

Check out what the showrunner is telling the writer to change in season 2's 9th episode.

Now... if its "funny" I don't think the recpient is Bennet.

I'm thinking Pornstache or Caputo.

BUT the big question is not who's "receiving", but who is "gifting" in episode 9.


For Andrew McCarty fans...

Hey! He directed the Desdemona, Ophelia, Claire Huxteble ep!

For you facebook fans... OitNB is currenlty in 2nd place.

Hey, you brought it from 7 points down/2nd place in the best new drama Adweek poll, to first.

I bet you can do it again for TV guide!


Uzo & Danielle are hanging out again.

I wonder if Poussey is about to get jealous?
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