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Re: Dear Doctor... How could you do this?

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Looking for something to bash? Even Scotty pointed out how stupid it was. A novel concept but the spaceship could've stayed... in space. The worst the locals would see there is a moving star. You'd still have line of sight directly above the volcano in space for the transporters.

The Enterprise coming out of the ocean shot was just a pure glamor shot and nothing more. It made no sense at all from a storytelling perspective. Take away that silliness and it was a good scene. I particularly liked how Spock logiced himself into breaking the PD... and for once someone got punished for breaking it.
Don't you think looking cool is part of making the movie as well? They do need to put butts in the seats you know.

DonIago wrote: View Post
Just because Scotty thought it was ridiculous doesn't mean there were better options available. Since we didn't witness any discussion resulting in the decision to submerge the ship, we're hardly in a position to judge said decision from an in-universe standpoint.
Exactly my point.

GoRe Star wrote: View Post
Yeah, I can see how the opinion of the Chief Engineer wouldn't be relevant at all in the situation.
DonIago wrote: View Post
I'm sure you know that's not what I was saying. I'm sure you also know there were times in TOS when Scotty complained about what the ship was/would be going through and yet everything worked out fine.

It's entirely possible for a situation to be both utterly ridiculous and the best course of action available at the time.
Very plausible. And how many times did Scotty(prime) complain over the years?

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Unless I missed it, was any reason given for the Enterprise being in the ocean as opposed to being in orbit?
Original intent? I'm fairly sure they went with "how cool would a shot of the Enterprise coming out of the water be!" and tailored the story around that rather than thinking about how the best way to accomplish their task would've been.
Bingo. It was solely done to look "cool", and therefore, pointless.
Sure they did. Why not? It did look pretty cool. No reason was given other than to hide the Enterprise.

Because you don't know the reason does not make it pointless.

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GoRe Star wrote: View Post
Yeah, I can see how the opinion of the Chief Engineer wouldn't be relevant at all in the situation.
How many times has a Captain ignored the advice of those under him/her about the capabilities of a starship in Star Trek? I'm not talking just about TOS but the entire franchise. It's a staple.

RandyS wrote: View Post

Bingo. It was solely done to look "cool", and therefore, pointless.
I think sometimes people forget that Star Trek is suppose to be entertainment. Do I think the driving force behind the Enterprise being submerged was the cool factor? Absolutely. I drooled when I saw the scene the first time in the theater, absolutely drooled. It was one of the coolest special effects sequences I've ever seen in my thirty-five plus years of going to the movies.
Yup, we can most certainly imply that the reason Kirk put it down there was logical as Spock definitely supported it.

Another neat part to that scene was at the end, when the natives drew the Enterprise in the dirt and that silhouette morphed into the real 1701.

My only real beef with the opening scene, was the "cold fusion" thing.
We have to learn again that science without contact with experiments is an enterprise which is likely to go completely astray into imaginary conjecture.”
- Evolution of the Solar System, NASA 1976, H. Alfvén & G, Arrhenius, p. 257.
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