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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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Never watched either actually.
In the first they found a planet, built a colony, lived there for a year without incident until the Toasters found them, and enslaved the last human beings like cattle and all seemed lost.

In the second, just like Enterprise Squared, or DS9 Children of Time, after a faulty Stargate twinned the crew, they went back in time a thousand years and built a vast star flung civilization that numbered into the billions spanning dozens of planets, however a super volcano, natural forces, frakked their home-world, and still years later after a supposed successful exodus, the past finally caught up to the present, where the duplicates (Equally real counterparts?) begin finding the devastated ruins of the worlds they seem to be responsible for the erecting of, wondering why all the statues look like they do, and they get simultaneous judgy and melancholic.

Both these stories took 4 or 5 episodes to tell that spanned a season or two.
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