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Re: Are communicators and tricorders anachronistic now?

That's my point - in the future a smartphone SHOULD be able to do all that. It's at this point I wonder whether some future Trek would take a leap and combine all three into a single device - the single thing that scans for stuff AND zaps bad guys AND phones the ship as the need arises. Dramatically, it's all a prop to drive the action forward. And it's not like in the whole history of Trek any of our heroes have been captured, had their gadgets taken away, and then someone giggles and notes that they didn't realize his insignia pin was really a walkie talkie.

Today we have a certain drive to peripherals again - smartwatches and head-mounted displays and what not - but it's all still centered on your phone. I wonder if, dramatically, one do-it-all device can handle all the dramatic AND technological needs of three. After all, the Doctor has his sonic screwdriver and it's done pretty much anything required of the plot for fifty years (like any good magic wand should), so there is a precedent of a sort.

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Oh, I like that Trek thing too...
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