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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

I can see how some of the Phase II characters were transferred to Next Generation characters. And I see how in "The Child" that some of the things that happened to the Deltan characters also happened to the Betazed characters. However, I don't see too many common traits between the two species. I know the Betezeds possessed telepathy, but I don't think the Deltans did. I know (at least) that the Deltan females had some sort of pheromones that they used to control their males, which the Betazeds did not. I know the Betazeds had some strange getting married nude. However, I never really saw them as highly sexualized as I see the Deltans. Lwoxana did seem highly sexualized...but I think that was just her personality. I never perceived that from Deanna...or any of the other visiting Betazed race. They were probably more open to sexuality than humans are...but I think their race was based on telepathy...they communicated through telepathy like it was their own private language. But I don't believe that they were as highly sexualized as the Deltons.

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