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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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The series really would've been more interesting if they had to settle down somewhere because the ship was too damaged. Build a home, establish relationships with the locals, even tenatively start building a "new Federation." That kind of stuff would've been interesting than "will they get home?" when you know the answer is always "NOOOO!!!"
Oh boy, I can hear some Trekkies now...

But if they land on a planet and just stay there, that's not "Star Trek!"

Well, I definitely like that idea. And when they get to the planet, their phasers, tricorders, nothing works because of something in the atmosphere. So they have to "live off the land" until they figure out how to "compensate" or discover some way to make them work, which happens many episodes later -- not in the same episode. Then at the end of the season (or end of the series) they're able to finally repair their ship, leave the planet and set a course for home...and maybe some of them decide to stay behind because it feels like a home. And that could have led to another spin-off with those who stayed behind eventually creating a base for a new Federation in the Delta quadrant. Again though, not "Star Trek."
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