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But if that's taken away from her, all she'll have to do is sit there and say "hailing frequencies open", which she would still do terribly.
Acting like a military professional would be less annoying than being Spock's clingy, petulant girlfriend. It would also grant more screentime to McCoy, who is obviously a more interesting character in every respect.
Totally agree. McCoy is a better character, played by a better actor, who is a core element to Star Trek and has been pushed out to the side to make room for NuUhura.

As for "not liking relationship drama", I have no problems with characters having romantic/physical/whatever kind of relationships, but when that sole "development" is all they've used to prop up a female character to give her more screen time it shows a lack of ability to develop her in her own right--instead she is mainly defined as being "Spock's girlfriend" (and the less said about how she used that relationship to get a better position the better).

Compare the likes of NuUhura with Saavik from TWOK. Saavik was a confident and forthright young woman, intelligent, ambitious and obviously filled with potential--willing to stand up to Admiral Kirk whilst also willing to turn and ask advice and support from her mentor--whilst also being honest and sought to grow and develop her skills. Despite her Vulcan roots she, at times, showed difficulty in controlling the more powerful of her emotions (her grief was palpable at Spock's funeral). True she did manipulate the situation to provide armed escort to Kirk and McCoy, but that is only logical (she however made it onto the Enterprise on her own merits to begin with). They managed to do all that with a well written script, none of which had her whinging after or pining over a man, and a solid performance (where the actress remained fully clothed as well).
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