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Re: 50th Is "The Day Of The Doctor" (And Is 75 Minutes)

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Didn't he say exactly that about "The Name Of The Doctor"? Yawn.
Moffat trots out similar quotes on a regular basis. "The Impossible Astronaut" two-parter was supposed to be game-changing. "A Good Man Goes to War" was supposed to be game-changing. "The Wedding of River Song" was supposed to be game-changing. To the fan audience, steeped in genre television and its conventions, they're not especially game-changing.

But to the Not-We audience that the series is pitched at, those episodes are game-changing. The Doctor is killed, that's a big deal. Amy and Rory's daughter is River Song, that's a big deal. The Doctor wipes himself out of history, that's a big deal.

When Moffat talks "game-changing," he's not talking to us. He's talking to the audience that tunes in a few times a year and on Christmas Day. And for that audience, "The Day of the Doctor" will be a game-changing experience, whatever that experience is.
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