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Re: Are communicators and tricorders anachronistic now?

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My point is, SHOULD the vision of the future as represented in Trek be updated to reflect how far we've come? Everyone does stuff on their phones today - and through 2005 and the end of "Enterprise" we could text people or receive emails if we were lucky. Should the traditional "kit" of Starfleet away gear be updated beyond the usual communicator, tricorder and/or phaser?
Updated how? Look at the dramatic roles each of those tools fills: the tricorder is the way Our Heroes gather information. The communicator is how they communicate that and coordinate with other characters. The phaser is how they act with their setting (typically defensively; occasionally a mild bit of engineering like using it to warm an area or dig a ditch or something).

Replace the things you call the tools if you want, but they're still going to serve those dramatic roles: a way to gather information, a way to communicate information, a way to produce action.

If there is anything missing from the kit it's a way of producing actions that are subtler than phasering someone or something into oblivion, but if you try beaming down with a tricorder, communicator, phaser, and a solar-powered nanite gadget for un-tearing their uniform shirts you're going to draw unwanted giggles from the audience.
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