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The Blacklist

The antihero trend built up by Breaking Bad et al. continues. This series is centered on James Spader's performance. This series obviously intends to reverse the arc, presenting Spader's Raymond Reddington first as Heisenberg, then revealing his inner Wallter White self, as his relationship to tyro profiler Elizabeth Keen is unveiled. (Probably she's his daughter.)

In episode 1, Reddington's plan led to the suicide of a mad bomber and the seizure of a weapon of mass destruction by unknown parties. In episode 2, Reddington poisoned Isabella Rossellini, a sex slave trafficker. In episode 3, Reddington shot to death a computer tech. In episode, Reddington threw a man into a vat of acid.

The universal gist of reviews I've seen is that Spader is delightful but the rest of the characters are too dull. While it is true they haven't killed anyone yet, the Tom Keene character, who seems like a fourth grade Mr. Chips, is alleged to be someone horrible, which is mildly provocative I thought.

Any comments?
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