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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

I don't think the ending was true to the characters. For one thing, Jack's sudden desire to display Jesse in chains was absurd. For another, a mjor one, Walt's whole career was because he couldn't face dying, so he had to control as much as possible. The whole last episode climaxed with Walt serenely giving up control to Jesse. We could accept this because we could believe Jesse's actions, but that shouldn't make up overlook how far-fetched Walt's action was.

Nor did it flow somehow from the characters. The idea that the outcome of a story is the inevitable expression of character is more of an ideological precept that only individuals are responsible. The actual final ending of Breaking Bad was actually quite illogical and can only be reasonably viewed as an imposition by the writers, who wanted Walt to win. It takes a script to shoot all the Nazis but Todd. I think Vince Gilligan deceived himself into thinking Walt didn't win big.

PS These are not just dead issues about a series that has been finished. The antihero craze is still with us. The Blacklist, for instance, is very much influenced by the popularity of Walter White and Gus Fring.
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