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Re: New Aliens for a New Trek?

I would like to see some new aliens - and we have (and new types of humans as well, with that Cyborg guy on the bridge in Into Darkness) - but I would also like to see more classic aliens like Andorians, Tellerites, Deltans (unless that bald lady in Into Darkness was supposed to be...but she wasn't really bald - just clearly shaved)...Betazeds....Trill I would love to see Bones on a date with a early version of Dax!)

I was gonna saw Orions, but we saw one! But what about Naussicans? I know they had a design for a Gorn...but I'd really like to see one that's closer to what we saw in "Enterprise" (though Gorn should have *composite eyes*!!! Or maybe now retcon so eye-shields...)

Where the Benzites discovered by then? Now that Starfeet is stepping up their exploration, we may encounter races like the Ferengi earlier...
And I'd like to see Arex's race - they can easily do it with CGI, like that creature on the Kelvin bridge. And *real* versions of M'Ress' race would be good too. (I wish we'd seen Arex's race on the Kelvin's bridge and Morn's race in the Earth bar!)

I mean they already HAVE alien races, so why spend time designing ALL NEW ones. Some now ones, sure - but some old one's would be nice...AND add a needed sense or continuity between Classic and New Trek.

I would like to even see some of the background TMP races would be nice too...some of those designs were really cool - and would fit right in with the new movie's design aesthetic...

So I'd like to see a mix of old and new...and a LOT less "bumpy forehead" aliens!!! NONE, if possible!
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