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Maybe I was a little to harsh. I guess it just seemed weird to me that someone who seems to basically just be a very luck fan was given the ability to tell people what they could or couldn't do in the tie-ins.
Many "lucky fans" went on to be prominent in Trek. Ron Moore was a fan who got lucky enough to sell a spec script to TNG. Doug Drexler was a fan who got lucky enough to get hired to work on Trek productions (after establishing himself elsewhere, of course). I was a fan who got lucky enough to attract a couple of editors' attention through my postings on this very BBS, leading them to invite me to pitch stories to them. I don't see why you find it so anomalous that someone who started out as a fan of Trek would've been motivated to get a job working on Trek. Naturally they (and I) all had to earn that status by doing good work, but it was their fandom that made them seek that work and gave them the knowledge of the franchise that enabled them to do it effectively. I'm sure the same is true of Arnold. His fandom was what got him started on the path, but he had to earn the rest by doing work that his employers found satisfactory.
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