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Their relationship is probably the best 'change' in the new series.
I actually quite like the Spock-Uhura relationship and I rather like that it effectively makes Uhura the third point of the triumvirate originally formed by Kirk, Spock and Bones. And one thing I do like about Abramstrek is that they realized Uhura was a glorified switchboard operator and try to give her more to do.

I also think Trek, being an action-adventure format, is at its best when action is in the foreground and relationship drama is in the background, played subtly (part of why later Bermaga-era Trek started out to outstay its welcome with me was how consistently they forgot this). ST09's touch on the Uhura-Spock relationship was light, and it worked pretty well as a character beat. OTOH I had to groan in STiD when Uhura makes the bizarre decision to have it out with Spock in the midst of a commando mission to the Klingon homeworld. It looks foolish, petty and ridiculous... and the writers knew it. It's one of their many low moments in the film that has to be lampshaded by another character in dialogue, in this case Kirk impotently wondering aloud why they're doing this now.

If that's going to be what the Spock-Uhura relationship is used for, pass.
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