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Uhura acting bratty to Spock about being a bad boyfriend.. wasn't.
But if that's taken away from her, all she'll have to do is sit there and say "hailing frequencies open", which she would still do terribly.

I'll never understand the allergic reaction that some fans have to relationship drama. I found the tension between Spock and Uhura fascinating. It felt like a genuine development of their relationship after Spock's trauma. I reacted exactly like Kirk did in the turbolift when Uhura voiced her frustrations about Spock's behavior.

"You're fighting? What must that be like?"

The relationship between Uhura and Spock is fertile ground for conflict and contrasts between the outwardly reserved Spock and the assertive and confident Uhura. Neither one of them likes to be wrong, but Spock has to couch his arguments in logic and affected calm while Uhura can go right to the point. Their relationship is probably the best 'change' in the new series.
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