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Re: New Aliens for a New Trek?

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New aliens are always good to see (its one of the few things the NuTrek has done well), though it would still be good to go into a little more depth in some already established species--I'd love to see more on the Andorians and Deltans.

Any new series should avoid Klingons, Borg and Q.
Totally agree. Me, I'd be very tempted to expand on those vaguely catlike girls with tails in STID.

But first and foremost along those lines, I'd refrain from taking that one scene and extrapolating them into a species of identical twins or clones, all of whom are supersexed and who mate in threes (two females and one male).

Honestly, looking at them what can you say for certain? Well, they are on Earth in the XXIIIrd century. At least some of them are. Their genders include one that seems pretty much identical to human females. Humanoid, and the pink skin would indicate a blood chemistry similar to that of Terrans (as opposed to Vulcans or Andorians for example). Plus they have matching sets of...somethings...on their foreheads and necks. One wonders if those are cosmetic or something else? Sensory organs maybe? If so, to detect what? The pointed ears would seem to possibly indicate a thinner atmosphere than on Earth, while their pigmentation hints at a world with at least some populated regions the equivalent of a Terrestrial temperate climate. Size indicates a planet quite close to that of Earth, Andoria, Vulcan, etc. (are Tellar and Ferengar somewhat larger or at least heavier?)

One could build on that to an interesting race, with a unique civilization methinks!

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