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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

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I have never been in the military. If I wear a military uniform, it is a costume, since I have not earned the right to wear it as a uniform. Q obviously had not earned that right either, so maybe thats why Picard calls it a "costume" in that instance.
Cue: "But you can't deny Captain, that you're still a dangerous, savage child race."

Picard: 'Most certainly I deny it. I agree what we still were when humans wore costumes like that four hundred years ago."

Problem with that siskokid888 is Picard isn't referring to Q in the uniform as wearing a costume, he is obviously referring to the military uniform itself as a costume.

Yea, looking at the full quote you're right. Poor choice of words by the writers.
The line is just a product of its time(post-vietnam, pre-gulf war.) Heck, a few months prior to TNG starting up, Platoon won best picture for 1986, both at the Academy and at the Globes.
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