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Re: Anyone else sick of Miley Cyrus?

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I have a hard time believing anybody's going to seriously begrudge a pop star for saying the kind of things comedians base their careers off saying.
Miley is not a comedian. There's no indication that she said that as a joke.
Right, but that line was specifically written for her to cause just the right amount of controversy so people feel like it should make them mad but nobody really gets that mad. So she gets all the attention of being controversial without the actual anger.

The line was a calculated publicity move. This is not a Michael Richards situation. The stereotype of the entertainment industry being dominated by Jewish men makes people uncomfortable but it doesn't inspire nearly the same anger and hurt as black oppression issues do. It had the effect she wanted on you: People who don't like her anyway are complaining about it, which makes people who do like her defend her and like her more.

She did not come up with that line on her own: She was told to say it by her publicity agent.
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