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Re: Should the Borg be the villain in Trek 3?

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And it would be proof that the new movies just want to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
And miniskirts and skintight catsuits and decon chambers all aren't?
Oh there's no denying that. But must I remind you of the pointless "Let's have Carol Marcus strip to her undies in the shuttle for no reason other than to show off her body to get more viewers" scene? The new movies are doing everything that Enterprise did - and much much more. Enterprise just shoves women in tight outfits (as did Voyager, admittedly). The new movies are shoving scantily clad women as well as "Huge action sequences that are there because ACTION rather than any need for them in order to advance the plot!" and "Oh, pretty special effects!!!"
That's like complaining that TOS Kirk solved problems with his fists instead of diplomacy. "He could have talked his way out of it!"
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