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Re: What Are You Wearing?

Hi all, I made it back here after a busy work week. So the last couple of days, it was just either work uniform with jeans or random shirts, again, with jeans and black long sleeves.

Today, I'm too lazy to first tidy up the bathroom, so no selfie here. But, I did manage to find the retail picture of the sweater I'm wearing:

It's by Zoe Karssen, I just love her label. It's so much fun! I really want this other sweater too that says: "Missing Unicorn stolen" with this nice print of a unicorn.

with that I'm wearing my regular jewelry, a black long sleeve and a pair of jeans. For my manicure I'm wearing 'Alcatraz... Rocks." by OPI eye (a sparkly blue/purple with mat finish, so lovely!) Usually I wear something a bit more colorful with this sweater, but I didn't feel like redoing my nails, sooo... ^^

I see I missed a lot of colorful outfits when I was gone. Love them all! Keep up the good work people!
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