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Re: Dear Doctor... How could you do this?

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About the Nibiru thing - far as I'm concerned, they're absolutely better off. So they worship the Enterprise? Big deal. At least they're alive.
Unless I missed it, was any reason given for the Enterprise being in the ocean as opposed to being in orbit?
Original intent? I'm fairly sure they went with "how cool would a shot of the Enterprise coming out of the water be!" and tailored the story around that rather than thinking about how the best way to accomplish their task would've been.
We don't know what events caused Kirk to make those decisions. To assume there wasn't any reason for what they did is looking to bash something IMO.

As indicated in the movie, maybe the clouds/smoke above the volcano wasn't enough to mask the Enterprise so he made the decsion to hide underwater.

One thing they could have identified in the movie to make things more plausable was why they couldn't use the transporter from orbit. Maybe they did, but I don't recall it.

I enjoyed the opening scenes. Fun to watch and brought General Order #1 into play, etc.
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