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Re: Homosexuals and Deltans

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Unmade episodes are not canon. They can be used as a guide to see how the producers were thinking that the show could go, but very often such early ideas get ignored. For example, the Voyager Bible says that B'elanna and Tuvok have a close relationship because he is one of the few people who can calm her aggressive Klingon temperament. If Voyager had been cancelled after a few episodes, we'd be saying that this was how it was, but the way the series went is very different.
I don't think we disagree. It's background information, to be replaced as the stories evolved organically. However, we know an awful lot about how Trek deals with hyper-sexualized individuals as well as they way that sexual themes worked their way into stories for Troi and Betazeds, the narrative successors of Ilia and Deltans. It takes little imagination to see how problematic it would be if Ilia's mother, full of super-pheromomes, stalked Kirk around the ship, like Lwaxana did to Picard.
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