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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Funny... at the beginning of the movie, I got the impression Kirk wouldn't have been very sad at all if they died. What could've given me that impression? Oh.

"They're dying."
"Let them die!"

Honestly I'm surprised the conspirators never tried to recruit Kirk.
If you look a few posts farther back, you'll see that line was already addressed. But to repeat myself - that line was very clearly a reference to the Empire, not the species. There isn't a single reference anywhere in the movie to suggest that the Praxis incident could in any way cause an actual extinction event. (How would that even work? An explosion on one moon killing a species spread out across how many different star systems?)

So, yes, Kirk had no problem whatsoever letting the Klingon Empire die. Why would he?
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