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Re: What Are You Wearing?

I'm in a worn out aqua blue T-shirt, my dark blue rough cotton work pants with a black leather belt, and wool socks. Yep, time to go to work in a bit.

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That's not disproportionate! You have a classic hourglass figure.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. Rita Hayworth would be envious!
Unfortunately, I've got nothing on her when it comes to tits and legs!
Well, Rita couldn't have it all right.

And, it's not actually silver on the bracelet, it's tin. It's of traditional design from the Nordic Same people, and they used tin for a lot of things. But the design is traditional Same design and the little button on it is reindeer horn.

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Right now, wearing my ratty yoga pants, an old pink V-neck t-shirt and white athletic socks. I know, I'm dreadfully boring. But in a little bit, I intend to wear nothing as I want to get a soak in the tub.
Oh myyyyyy...!
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