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Re: Khan - New IDW mini series - SPOILERS!!!!!

ProwlAlpha wrote: View Post
Yes, but we got a number of Khan books, and other Khan-centric stories is what i am getting at.
Surely IDW have a right to pursue tie-ins to the current movie, the biggest money-earning Trek movie to date?

"Countdown", "Nero" and "Spock Reflections" all sold well, AFAIK. Possibly better than the "Ongoing" series. Many of us have been anticipating that there'd be a "Countdown to Darkness" and a "Khan" backstory mini-series. And so there should be.

IDW's previous "Khan" comic was a retelling of ST II, filling a comic adaptation gap that has been there since the 80s.

Smoked Salmon wrote: View Post
I wouldn't be the first person to suggest that had he remained John Harrison it would've made little difference to STID.
This board would have been filled with angry comments such as, "Orci & Kurtzman are gutless. How much cooler would this film had been if they'd allowed Cumberbatch to tackle... Khan?"

You know it would have happened!
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