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Re: Is TAS worth watching?

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Iīm thinking about getting the DVD set, so what is TAS originally like?
They're like shortened episodes of TOS done in really cheap animation with three members of the original cast impersonating everybody's voices.
There were a lot more than three of them. Only Walter Koenig wasn't included.

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A thousand times, yes! Even if only to see how many voices James Doohan and Majel Roddenberry do. If you're on the fence, start with "Yesteryear."
Yesteryear would have made a wonderful live action episode, where we get to see Spock's childhood home and his "fat teddy bear" he had as a pet.

There were some other good stories, too - Slaver Weapon and Albatross come to mind (the latter is one where McCoy is arrested and charged with genocide).
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