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Re: Nostalgia of old tv sets

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I grew up with UHF and VHF and none of these simulations really capture the look. They also exaggerate how often the picture was that noisy/snowy. And they miss the "waver" when the horizontal hold wasn't set juuuust right.
Yeah, it is tough to capture, for sure. I remember this snow very well though, for like I said I was on the edge of the stations' broadcast range. The UHF antenna my father set up did make matters much better. The networks were much clearer (save for ABC), but yeah, the waver is missing here. A flutter or two would be nice, I agree.

Funny, I can remember riding home on the school bus, thinking that on windy days I'd get worse reception. WWLP in Springfield was my only access to neat shows like these, so weak signals, wind and antennas aside, you had to live with what you got!

Pre-Star Trek, I remember my show of choice was The Wild, Wild West. I wonder what happened to that kid, who watched Wild, Wild West, was into football, boats and motorcycles? I haven't seen him in about forty years...

jayrath, glad you're enjoying it!
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