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ChowdaHead, you're trying too hard.

(EDIT: I mean, I know you feel like Orci and whathisface are getting a bad rap? But I don't care how much bluster you put into it, there are objectively different problems of plot logic going on in "where was Chekov in Space Seed" and "why is Kirk suddenly a Captain at the end of ST09;" or of "why didn't Khan beam Kirk up with Genesis" and "why does Starfleet need ships when you can teleport from star to star." There's no way to make them into similar problems in the slightest, no matter what BillJ tells you.)
haha. apparently im not trying hard enough. not sure about your point regarding billj. personally, khan acknowledging Chekov without ever knowing the man is much harder for me to swallow than kirk in an alternate timeline being made first officer and then squeezing his way into the big chair. him becoming a captain "too quickly" just doesn't bother me in any way given the circumstances. and regarding the ship comment. how do explore new planets by teleporting when you don't know the end coordinates to undiscovered planets? not that hard to grasp pal.
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