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Re: James Cawley returns to NV as Kirk!

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Did you not read the announcement? Brian Gross is STILL Phase II's Kirk. This is a special, extra episode that has nothing to do with Phase II.
Yes, I read it fine. But I'm not saying the reasoning behind him needing to do the extra episode when it is supposed to be set during Shatner's tenure. Why not just let Gross do them all now? think fans would celebrate even more Trek being produced.
So if something is churned out with the Star Trek name attached to it every fan is meant to swoon in delight?
as to STC being "solid competition"...that's rather funny. The stuff they borrowed from Farragut Films (which was all built because of James Cawley's help to get off the ground - sets, costumes and props) yes. But the acting is entirely laughable parody. James, a professional performer and actor for over two decades, can act circles around the best of them just sitting on a toilet...
Isn't Vic what's-his-name also an actor of a good few years?

I have no loyalty to either production and am not involved in fan films at all. I just see what I see when I see episodes and/or clips. I thought the acting in Continues was, for the most part, superior to Phase II, including their Kirk. Their only poor choices, in my view, were Spock and McCoy, who were woeful. Phase II's current Spock and McCoy are superior casting choices in these roles. Having said that I just watched the Kitumba teaser and I thought that everyone in it was delivering appalling performances, including the guest stars. It was almost amateurish.

I absolutely respect and appreciate the effort that goes into these productions and the sets, costumes, effects and scripts are fantastic. But the acting and casting is not, and that applies to both Phase II and STC (and, indeed, some of the other efforts out there). Since I, as a fan for nearly 40 years, am the target audience, I don't think it's unreasonable to given an honest and unbiased appraisal.

As for STC taking things developed by JC, I don't know anything about that I'm afraid. I just see what's on screen.
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