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Re: James Cawley returns to NV as Kirk!

It'll be interesting to see James back in the center seat. My frustrations in his performance weren't with all the cheap shots usually hurled at him. Rather I was frustrated that his performance was often pushed into moments of imitation, where he mimicked Shatner (looking at you "Blood and Fire"). I've always wanted to see him make Kirk his own. He'd get so close and then be asked to slip into imitation.

Hopefully, he'll get this chance in this NEW VOYAGES episode. If this is James' last turn as Kirk, let's really unleash his performance and let him own the role completely. And in a script that has Kirk driving the action rather than reacting to it.

(An aside: Would be wonderful if Jeff Quinn returned as Spock. Always liked his take on our favorite Vulcan, especially in WEaT. He played well off Doc John, who's performance is the one I enjoy most on PII because of sincerity Doc John puts into it.)
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