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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Excellsior definitely longer than the galaxy
Want the smoking gun? Check out the big ass Fed vs. dominion battle in DS9. Haven't watched those episodes in a while and this awesome thread had me nostalgic for the last televised Trek I actually liked (in DS9's case loved)
Nearly every shot in which an Ex is alongside a galaxy it is longer
For what it's worth I'd go with the biggest upscaled size and the larger upscaled size of the Connie and Refit as well.
I know the docking rings tend to poopoo the much larger upscaled size of the refit but they pooched the size of the docking rings on the Enterprise C as well
Damn I wish I had Cgi skills, love to render a refit with smaller docking rings to see how she would look
I love this thread
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