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Re: NEMESIS: the good, and not so bad.

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I really don't think it's that bad. Its worst aspects are the fact that Tom Hardy was too young at the time to carry off the villain well, the plot was a TWOK rehash and Stuart Baird was simply no good for Trek because he didn't get it and didn't care to learn about what made the TNG crew a close knit family. Indeed, if you watch the deleted scenes on the Special Edition DVD this becomes all too evident, particualry in his choice to cut the Picard/Data wine scene, which would've added so much more depth and meaning to both Data's demise and also the wine toast given by the crew. afterwards. You can see it here.

Otherwise I think it's quite good. It has decent pace, the special effects are far superior to those in Isurrection (which looked like cartoons) and the score is great.
its biggest flaw is its director. I agree his vision was so far off.
I don't even think he had a vision. I think he figured that he'd just shoot the script as is, but not let it grow and adapt as the film was being made. I know the cast hated him because he wasn't interested in their input at all, and, although this has not been confirmed, I suspect the same is probably true of his relationship with John Logan. I think Logan's CV speaks for itself outside of Nemesis and I can't imagine him producing a script of what we ultimately saw on screen.
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