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My main complaint about Regeneration is... they had a Borg episode just for the sake of having a Borg episode and shoehorned it through in as unbelievable a fashion as possible. Beyond it having Borg the episode contributed nothing to the rest of the series.
But you can make that objection to many episodes.

Shuttlepod One was a "stuck together in a bad situation" episode that was made just for the sake of having a "stuck together in a bad situation" and it contributed nothing to the rest of the series. After all, did Trip and Malcom become buddies afterwards?

But this isn't the only time Archer and company are seemingly horrible at recordkeeping. They way the stumbled though the first two seasons it's a wonder they didn't fly into a star while Archer's shouting this isn't on our star charts.
That argument never really seemed logical to me. It's perfectly plausible that the whole thing was classified top secret and hidden away. Why would a mere captain be aware of it a few centuries later? Are US Navy captains aware of classified information from the 1800s? Do you expect a Navy captain 200 years from now is going to know all about the top secret missions that are being carried out today? Of course not.

And as for the other oft-mentioned criticism that the Borg don't say, "We are the Borg" in Regeneration, they didn't say it in Q Who either.
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