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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

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My definition of fan film is simple: it's a film made without copyright authorization or a film made in tribute to a film or franchise. For example, J.J.Abrams's two "Star Trek" movies are "Star Wars" fan films. I could give many details, but to give just one example, the level on which the cities were based on Star Wars cities boggled my mind. Yes, it was made by professionals. It had pro actors and CGI people who were paid. It had a ginormous budget. Heck, it even pretended to be part of another franchise. But for me, it was a big budget Star Wars fan film. The Clone Wars Strike Back!
This usn't just a fan film though is it? It's meant to be a backdoor pilot, just made through kickstarter rather than a studio.

I have to agree with some of the others. The uniforms are awful, as are the Starfleet sets. In contrast the make up efforts look skilled and impressive.

I do appreciate that it's difficult on a tight budget, but frankly some of the other fan efforts have done a lot better with their own designs. If this is meant to show something that they think can make a show work then really it needs to look passable in all aspects.

Having said that, let's face it that Russ & Co are deluding themselves somewhat if they think this will ever become a series. If CBS doesn't want to revisit the prime universe at present, then they certainly aren't going to be up for a show full of aging Voyager actors.
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