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Re: USA and UK surviving into the Trek era

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Paris is its own département
Aren't French départements more the equivalent of American counties? With the French regions being more the equal of American states?
No. The départements are the primary administrative divisions of France, where the prefect, appointed by the national government, oversees the implementation of national policy. There are deliberative, non-legislative bodies, conseils généraux, for each département, which the prefects may consult, but are not required to do so. The régions consist of several départements acting in concert, but they are nowhere near having the authority, competency or capacity of American states. They are the result of Paris' langorous attempts at decentralization. They have the ability to act in some economic, social and cultural affairs, but they have limited political existences. They have deliberative bodies that can't make law. Even worse, some are almost non-existent. The success of any région depends on the ability to draw together its communities into its projects. Régions like Alsace and Rhône-Alpes have key cultural and economic resources that allow them to be very successful. However, there are some that almost do nothing.
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