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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

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Your location says you're from California.. would you feel the same if the US ceded California to Mexico as part of an agreement to stop drug cartel violence, and the Mexican Army began to oppress the people there? You'd just up and leave and not care because the rest of the US is prosperous? Even if it was your own family that was indiscriminately targeted?
That's a pretty good argument. It's not an easy answer.

But all that hinges on the colonists being pre warned not to colonize an empty planet near a hostile border and choosing to do it anyway.

And as DonIago and George Steinbrenner pointed out, whether the colonists and the Federation was so poor there was a desperate need to colonize and there was a big land grab going on.

20 something years ago, if the planets were uninhabited, and the border heavily disputed, and the colonists came to the planet, and they were warned not to by Starfleet, it doesn't make the colonists look too sane. Or make sense.

Especially when Trek made it a point to say how prosperous the Federation was. There was plenty for all. No persecution or anything.

Even more so when you see it's mainly earth humans involved--what excuse do they have? Bajorans would make sense, but humans needing to colonize?

Was all of this because of some 'adventurous spirit' some pampered, well fed colonists (excusing the Bajorans and others) had?
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