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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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I do like the idea of Chakotay being a captain, he was so underdeveloped over the whole series that a change like that might have helped him step up, making Tuvok the first officer.
I could certainly see Chakotay and Tuvok butting heads a lot more than Janeway and Chakotay did...which was almost never (so far in my watch). But at this point, I can't see Voyager without Janeway permanently. And anyway, I think they could have further developed Chakotay without killing her off.

The only way I could see Janeway being killed off is in the series finale if somehow she sacrificed herself so the rest of the crew could make it back home. Then they have a big memorial service, and they name ships and haircuts after her and whatnot.

But an even better ending would be if she ended up stranded in the DQ while the rest of the crew made it back home. That would be the ultimate justice coming full circle after her decision in the first episode. Tying a nice bow around it. Well, it would be a "valentine" for me anyway.

MakeshiftPython wrote: View Post
Funny thing, I just finished "In the Flesh" last night as well. I'm not sure how 8472 would have worked if they kept them as antagonists. It was very expensive back in the 90s to pull that off
Yep, good point. I don't know, perhaps showing them in other forms since they're able to do that with their genetic altering gizmos? But it would be hard to do an entire season with just them, you're right.

By the way, after they extracted Chakotay's DNA, I thought they were going to put a Chakotay look-alike on Voyager while holding the real Chakotay prisoner, kind of like what the Founders did with Bashir on DS9. But I certainly got that wrong. Instead it was a negotiated ending that seemed all to friendly, quick and easy to me.
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