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Re: Nostalgia of old tv sets

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Seargant Preston was filmed in color in the '50s too, I recently discovered via MeTV and Google. Looks pretty good too. Farsighted.
Yes, several series were filmed in color before TV was able to broadcast it. Disney did his in color, for example.

I've come out of my self-imposed lurkerdom to confess my love of this thread. Several thoughts:

One thing about those huge, floor-model TVs is that they had MASSIVE speakers that could rattle china. Mono, of course, but still . . .

And remember when having more than one TV in a house was a sign of incredible wealth?

Television back then was a family experience. It had to be; only one set! It was much less something that you had on in the background. Programs were events, that you sat still for (until you made mad dashes to the bathroom during commercials).

For that matter, remember that we called it a "TV set?" To differentiate from its being a crystal radio set, I suppose.

I, too, first met TOS in snowy, glorious black and white. I pity the poor souls who never got to know it that way, who were robbed of then seeing it miraculously transformed to color.

And I still watch my grandmother's TV with a digital converter box. If I want higher res, I sit farther away.
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