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for a film that relies on its television series to add some depth, this film immediately shoots itself in the leg. the most obvious issue is the fact that khan remembers Chekov, but never met the guy in space seed. HELLLO, really? how lazy of writing is that? and yet orci and Kurtz get torn to pieces.
It's pretty easily explainable. As are many of the flaws in The Wrath of Khan. People give TWOK a pass because they like it and skewer ID because they don't like it. But both movies have major flaws.

Whether people want to believe it or not.
but, I would argue the flaws in wok outweigh the flaws in WOK. wok just almost insults the intelligence of its viewers, whereas ID is a more fluid film. whether fanboys what to admit it or not. the retreading is besides the point.
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